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Anyway, London is one of the biggest cities in the world.

As a cultural center, it has a wonderful selection of museums, galleries, theaters and architecture. For leisure, it offers excellent shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, as well as many attractive parks and open spaces. The city is also a major financial and business center and is home to many world-renowned institutions and companies. A stay in London gives visitors access to all of this, as well as an endless list of lesser-known delights to discover.

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Popular locations in London

Where you stay when you're on vacation is a matter of personal preference. If you want to be right in the bustling city center, look for places to stay in and around Leicester Square, Soho or Covent Garden. For an area that feels quieter and more exclusive, aim for Mayfair or Belgravia.

Westminster and St James ooze centuries of history, while Camden and Spitalfields show you London's younger and more modern side. And if you want to experience the London countryside, head to Notting Hill or Hampstead.

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Getting around in London

The London Underground (known as tube) connects almost the entire city, from the center to the suburbs. Visitors can also get around through an extensive bus network that runs in priority bus lanes. It's easy to buy bus and metro tickets with contactless credit and debit cards.

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A wide range of transport options make London easy to explore

London's iconic black (or white, in this case!) cabs ply the busiest parts of the city and can be hailed at the curb or picked up from taxi ranks at major stations, hotels and shopping malls. Now there is competition from Uber and even rickshaws.

If you have the energy, central London is a great city for walking. You will find countless alleys and quiet squares hidden from the main roads. When you walk you see much more. You can also pay for bike rental if you register atSantander bike sharing program- Grab one and leave it at the pier and take advantage of the many bike lanes in the city. You may even be in a participating area of ​​the cityProbni e-scooter.

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London is home to the pound sterling (£), which is the currency used for all cash transactions. There are plenty of options for currency exchange, and unsurprisingly, card payments are accepted almost everywhere.

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London for the weekends

With so many sights and visitor attractions, a weekend will only cover a small fraction of all there is to see in London. There are always many reasons to book multiple visits.

Whatever sights you want to pack into your weekend, you won't be disappointed. You can orient yourself with a trip to the London Eye, a huge Ferris wheel that offers you a panoramic view from a height of 135 meters. Then you can get up close to nearby Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. From Westminster Pier, cruise down the Thames to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. That's just the tip of the iceberg of London attractions - there are plenty more to visit as you can see.this official guide.

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There are many shows to choose from.

Many weekend visitors combine sightseeing with a pre-booked show, concert or sporting event. There are always plenty of options, and manufacturing and performance standards are consistently at the highest level.

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London for families

London's variety of attractions makes it a great city for families with children of all ages. Sea Life is a world class aquarium opposite the Houses of Parliament and next to the London Eye. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum features celebrities and sports heroes, giving you an up-close look at some of the world's most famous people.

For a chilling journey into London's dark past, London Dungeon may be for you, but keep in mind that the target age is 12+. On Regent Street in the West End you'll find Hamleys, a world-renowned toy store with a history dating back to 1760. Generations of children have been mesmerized by all the toys on display, and the magic is still there today. There's also the chance to fall under the spell of Harry Potter on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. It is out of town but quite easy to get to with bus and train connections that can be booked.

London for education

London's world-class museums, galleries and cathedrals are great places to learn about history, culture, science and more. There's plenty to do at the South Kensington Science Museum, including hands-on experiments that are both fun and educational. The adjacent Natural History Museum is equally valuable, bringing nature and the environment to life in an exciting way.

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From the modern to the cultural to the historical, London has it all

The Victoria and Albert Museum, still in Kensington, displays cultural treasures from the world of art and design. A trip to Bloomsbury gives you the chance to discover more of the world's cultural heritage at the British Museum. Art lovers can find a wealth of classic art at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Contemporary art in London has an impressive home in a former power station at the Tate Modern on the Thames in Southwark.

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From ball to opera: London is always fun

The Leicester Square area is home to lavishly produced entertainment, including hugely popular musicals. Visitors can also enjoy some serious drama at places like the Globe Theatre, faithfully restored to its Shakespearean guise, and the National Theatre. You can also find plenty of dance, opera and orchestra performances on the big stages.

London for work

Times change, but London remains the world's center for finance and professional services. Many companies have moved out of the city to the modern skyscrapers and glass and steel buildings of Canary Wharf and Docklands. The creative industries - film, advertising and design - have been based in the West End for decades, and there are now creative businesses in Spitalfields and the East End. In Shoreditch and Hackney, to the east of the city, London's tech hub (known as the Silicon Roundabout) attracts a slew of startups and investment. London is certainly open for business.

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move to london

If your job requires you to move to London, you should use the full support and guidance of your employer. You must meet the UK government's visa, tax, benefit and health insurance requirements. If you are moving to London without employer support, there is plenty of information on UK government websites to check if you areVisa required, and whereApply for the visa.

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Then there is the question of where you want to live. London is a large city and consists of districts that vary greatly in terms of local services, costs, transport links and character. Do as much research as possible and seek advice from contacts in London. You can also opt for a short-term serviced apartment that you can use as a base to figure out where you want to live long-term.

It is also important to have an idea of ​​the cost of living in London. The city is not as expensive as New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Zurich and Singapore, but here it costs more than in Paris, Berlin, Milan, Moscow, Sydney and Rome. (Fountain:Mercer Cost of Living Survey 2020). Rent, living expenses, food, entertainment, and a wide variety of utilities, insurance, and services all need to be factored in when budgeting for your move.

If you move with your family, you should also find schools for your children. you will find helpthis guide.

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Where to live in London

London offers you many options when it comes to the type of area to live. When choosing, you must take into account the workplace and, of course, the type of work you do.

Docklands and Canary Wharf have a range of modern apartments and facilities suitable for financial and liberal professionals, especially those who work long hours and need easy access to their office.

If you prefer places with more of a sense of history, consider Kensington, Bloomsbury and Islington. If proximity to open space is a priority, it's hard to beat Hampstead, Primrose Hill and the areas around Hyde Park. For a distinctive 'country feel', Notting Hill scores highly, while bustling up-and-coming parts of the city such as Houndsditch, Brixton and Hackney abound with vibrant entertainment, restaurants and bars.

If a slower pace of life and more space appeal to you, look beyond the center to chic Richmond in the west, family-friendly Barnet in the north, laid-back Dulwich in the south and cozy Woodford in the east. You'll need to consider transport to your workplace, but the pros and cons of a longer commute to central London are more space, more amenities and a bit more quiet.

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