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Hopkins Athletics is a multidivisional division with 22 programs competing at the NCAA DIII level and two programs (men's and women's lacrosse) competing at the NCAA Division I (BIG 10 Conference) level. The department also hosts a variety of strong recreational activities such as club sports, intramural and fitness programs.

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In the summer of 2021, the department completed a $27 million renovation and expansion of the Ralph S. O'Connor Center for Recreation and Wellness. This facility will feature brand new, state-of-the-art cardio and strength-training equipment, expanded group exercise offerings, and mindfulness and meditation programs. The focus is on promoting the holistic health of the students and a solidary community.

Hopkins' athletic department is looking for innovative and innovative ideasrecreation manager. The recreation manager must be part of a top-flight recreation department at Johns Hopkins University. This position oversees and administers a strong experiential education program at Johns Hopkins University. The program includes outdoor activities, the Johns Hopkins Outdoor Club, a pre-orientation program, climbing facilities and associated outdoor clubs. The Recreation Administrator oversees the Experiential Education Coordinator, manages instructor education and development for student instructors, and oversees the finances and administration of all programs. Hopkins encourages candidates who value professional and personal development and actively contribute to a culture of inclusion in both the department and the university environment.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative tasks (50%)

  • Managed program finances for outdoor activities, pre-orientation, climbing wall and all Hopkins outdoor leadership training activities ($150,000 including travel expenses).
  • Identify engagement trends and highlight funding needs.
  • Develop and expand the alumni network to strengthen the sense of connection to the program as well as donor development.
  • Engage with university risk management to facilitate ongoing communication about training, certifications, policies, and incidents/near misses.
  • Organize and apply for program operating permits through the National Forest Service and other local parks.
  • Oversee the outdoor pre-orientation program for freshmen at JHU and collaborate with other Pre-O programs and the Freshman Experience Department
  • Plan, market and coach travel and training as needed
  • Development of strategies to improve the quality and participation of new and existing programs.
  • Assisting in the goals and projects of the leisure agency (staff training, website designs, other assigned tasks)
  • Manage program equipment (purchase, repair, inspection) and vehicle maintenance to ensure optimal operation.
  • Administer and maintain the EE JHU website and social media accounts.
  • Management and control of student office and logistics employees (approx. 10)
  • Trip record monitoring, trip database program, account and trip sales website.
  • Manage certifications and certification records for student teachers.

Education and training of trainers (25%)

  • Design, coordinate and conduct weekend training trips in the technical specialties (backpacking, caving, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, sailing, sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking).
  • Coordinate logistics, planning and training for all Johns Hopkins Outdoor Club outdoor tours and outdoor activities.
  • Help students build technical outdoor skills and leadership experience.
  • Plan and lead the 10-day Hopkins Outdoor Leadership Training Instructor course.
  • Implement ongoing training and risk management policies for all EE specialties
  • Develop, publish and implement program policies and policies.

Personnel selection and supervision (25%)

  • Supervise Experiential Education Coordinator: Provide ongoing guidance and support for this position and assist with events and training as needed.
  • Hire, train, supervise and evaluate all EE Student-Instructor instructors (approx. 80).
  • Hire and mentor independent contract trainers for week-long field training.

minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree required; preferably in an experiential education area.
  • Three to five years of management experience in the outdoor sector.
  • Wilderness First Responder certified or superior.
  • Professional outdoor certifications are required for program specialties such as sea kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, wall climbing, whitewater kayaking, and whitewater canoeing (ACA, BCU, AMGA, CWA, PCIA, IMBA).

Preferred Qualifications

  • A master's degree in an experiential education field is preferred.

Classified Title: Recreation Manager
Function/Level/Class: ACRP/03/MC
Starting salary range: $46,560 - $64,100 - $81,650 annually (based on experience)
Employee Group: Full-time
Hours of Operation: Mon-F 8:30am-5pm
Exemption Status: Exempted
Ort: Campus Homewood
Department name: Recreation
Personnel department: Student union of the university

total reward
The salary range shown is based on the good faith of Johns Hopkins University at the time of publication. Actual compensation may vary based on factors such as geographic location, work experience, market conditions, education/training and skill level. Johns Hopkins offers a comprehensive rewards package that supports the health, life, career and retirement of our associates. More information can be found here:

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Review the job description above to see what forms of equivalency are permitted for this position. Where permitted, equivalences follow the following guidelines:

JHU equivalence formula: 30 undergraduate credits (semester hours) or 18 undergraduate credits can replace one year of experience. Additional relevant experience may replace the required training on the same basis. For jobs where equivalency is permitted, up to two years of university courses may be requested without reference to the overall education/experience required for the job.

**Applicants who do not meet published requirements but complete their final academic semester/quarter will be considered eligible for employment and may be required to provide additional information to confirm their academic completion date.

Candidates selected for this position will be subject to a background check before being hired. Johns Hopkins is committed to hiring individuals with legal experience in accordance with applicable policies and current practices. A criminal record does not automatically disqualify applicants from employment at Johns Hopkins University. Consistent with applicable law, the University reviews, on an individual basis, the date of an applicant's conviction, the nature of the conviction, and how the conviction relates to a significant job-related qualification or function.

Johns Hopkins University values ​​diversity, equity and inclusion and advances them through our core strategic framework, theJHU Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap.

Equal employment opportunities

All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

EEO is the law
Learn more:

Accommodation information

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If you are interested in applying for a position at Johns Hopkins University and require special assistance or housing during any part of the application process, please contact the Office of Talent Acquisition TTY users, call the Maryland Relay or dial 711. For more information on workplace facilities or accessibility at Johns Hopkins University, go

Johns Hopkins has ordered COVID-19 and influenza vaccines, as appropriate. Exceptions to COVID and flu vaccination requirements may be granted to individuals for religious or medical reasons. Requests for exceptions should be sent to the JHU vaccination register. For more information, applicants for SOM positions should visit all other JHU applicants must attend

Depending on the campus, the following additional regulations may apply. Your recruiter will inform you accordingly.

The pre-employment physical examination for activities in the clinical field, in the laboratory, when working with research subjects or in contact with the population requires the documentation of the immune status against rubella (rubella), rubella (measles), mumps, chickenpox (chickenpox), hepatitis B and Documentation of having received the Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough). This may include documentation of two (2) MMR vaccines; two (2) chickenpox vaccines; or antibody status for these diseases from laboratory tests. Blood tests for immunity to these diseases are usually included in the pre-employment screening, except for employees who provide blood test results or vaccination records from their own healthcare providers. The necessary vaccinations for these diseases are carried out free of charge in our occupational medicine office.

Please note: The job postings are updated daily and remain online until they are filled.

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Johns Hopkins University remains committed to its founding principle that education for all students should be based on inquiry and discovery. Hopkins students are challenged not just to learn, but to advance their learning. Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and entrepreneurship are encouraged and nurtured in this unique educational environment. After more than 130 years, Johns Hopkins remains a world leader in teaching and research. Faculty members and their research colleagues at the university's Applied Physics Laboratory have received more government research and development grants from Johns Hopkins than any other university every year since 1979. The university has nine academic departments and campuses throughout the Baltimore-Washington area. The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting School of Engineering, the School of Education and the Carey School of Business are located on the Homewood campus in North Baltimore. The faculties of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing share the East Baltimore campus with Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Peabody Institute, a premier professional music school, is located on Mount Vernon Place in downtown Bal....Timor The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies is located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington.

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