How to Clean White Nike Shoes Like Tennis Shoes (2023)

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Athletic shoes need a little love too, even if they're not dress shoes. If you think a pair of Nikes isn't worth keeping intact, a sneaker aficionado will tell you otherwise: Nikes aren't just performance sneakers, they're also investments that are worth much more in resale value.A shoe collector bought the most expensive pair of Nikes this year for $560,000!The boots are Michael Jordan's 1985 Nike, which he wore in his rookie year.

If there's anyone who knows how to keep Nike shoes up to date, it's someone like a sneakerhead. learn they sayHow to clean white Nike shoesor every shoe needs more than just soap and water. Here's what top collectors, shoe restorers, and cleaning services recommend on how to clean white Nikes or other white sneakers.

Why it's important to clean Nike shoes regularly and "(just) do it right."

If the stench alone isn't enough of an incentive to take action, another important reason to clean your white Nike shoes is to keep them looking their best for longer. Dirt and bacteria, especially in running shoes, are a huge burden on any shoe material and soles. All that dirt, sweat, and weather (hello, salt stains!) takes a toll on your sneakers and makes them wear out much faster.

This strange situation invites you to do many unpleasant things.oxidation and hydrolysis, making your shoes literally fall apart into nothing.

How often can sports shoes be cleaned?

The correct answer depends on how often you use them and what you do with them. If it's a car, you have to.Replace your Nike shoes every 500 miles. (You can track this with a pedometer.) Learn how to clean your white shoes regularly withbest shoe shine kitsExtend the life of your favorite sneakers.

Nike shoes are made to be mean, the term sneaker lovers use for the shoe that suffers the most from everyday wear. Even if you change it 2 or 3 times a week, running or sports shoes will be more "beaten" than normal shoes.Experts recommend deep cleaning your Nikes at least every 2 they don't smell like sewage.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Your White Nike Shoes

Here are the top things to do (and avoid) to keep your Nikes clean:

- Use insoles to reinforce the shoes so that they hold up better when cleaning them.
- First remove all laces and insoles before you start.
- Dry the brush before starting the actual cleaning process.
- Use a soft-bristled brush on the top and inner lining to prevent abrasion of the material.
- Be sure to clean the inside of your shoes to prevent bacteria buildup. (full wipe)
- Use a toothbrush to reach hard-to-reach places.
- Daily spot cleaning makes deep cleaning easy.

It's not
- Never use bleach or strong detergents on your shoes.
- Do not dry your white Nikes in direct sunlight, otherwise they will turn yellow.
- Do not store shoes in boxes. Store them in breathable bags and away from humid environments.
- Avoid drying your shoes with direct heat from a hair dryer.
- Never use stiff bristle brushes on the uppers or linings of your shoes. These brushes are intended solely for cleaning soles.

Steps to clean Nike Sneakerhead shoes

If there's a secret to a pristine tennis clean, tennis fans trust premium tennis cleaning kits to deliver a quality deep clean with less effort. As one tennis cleaning service said, nocleaning solutions and brushesget the job done, you don't have to rub as hard to get that flawless shine. How to clean white Nikes:

A. General steps for cleaning Nike shoes

    If you have an Air Force 1, an Air Max, or even a vintage sneaker, you can follow these general cleaning techniques:


      Place your cleaning station on a flat, dry surface:
      -premium shoe cleaner, polish shoes
      -soft brush, stiff toothbrush or toothbrushes
      - Microfiber towels

      Remove laces and insoles.
      Place rolled white towels or shoe racks inside to help your shoes hold up better during washing.
      First, brush the shoes to dry and remove surface dirt.

      2. RUB AND CLEAN

        You can take a top-down approach:
        - Pour a few drops of cleaning solution into a small container with ¾ water.
        - wash handscordsrinse with cleaning solution and set aside.
        - Dip the fluffy brush and shake off excess water. Gently rub the upper and lining of your shoes until a lather forms. Wipe with the towel.
        - Then dip the stiff brush into the cleaning solution and scrub the midsole and sole of the shoe.

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        3. AIR DRY

          Place the shoe in a semi-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

          4. DISINFECT

            Use a disinfectant spray on the insoles to kill any remaining bacteria.

            5. PROTECT and SAVE

              tie your shoes
              Use a weather resistant spray to seal your shoes and prevent staining.
              Insert shoe racks and put your sneakers in bags.
              Place them in a cool, dry place.

              B. Specific cleaning instructions based on the material of your footwear:

                Always make sure that your cleaning solutions and brushes are designed for the type of material in your shoe. White leather sneakers, even those made with suede or nubuck materials, need cleaners and brushes made especially for them.

                - How to clean white Nike Flyknit shoes
                As this shoe is made of woven fabric, you need to be careful when rubbing your Flyknits together to prevent them from getting stuck.

                - How to clean white leather shoes
                White leather sneakers also need leather conditioner, so consider investing in a quality leather conditioner to keep it supple.
                If you want to smooth out the wrinkles, you can put a damp towel on your white sneakers and iron them to remove the wrinkles.

                - How to clean shoes made of mixed materials
                Make sure your cleaning solution is suitable for the type of material in your shoe. To receiveCleaning kits suitable for suede, leather or nubuckso as not to spoil yourleather shoes.

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                Tips for bleaching yellow soles

                Oxidation is a natural process that causes soles to turn yellow. Air and the elements react with the PUV material in their soles, causing them to change colour.

                The best tennis cleaning/restoration services recommend this strategy to solve this:

                1. Take a "magic eraser" (any brand of detergent) and brush the sole or any scratches on top.

                2. Using a stiff brush, apply a sole bleach or homemade mixture (hydrogen peroxide/baking soda or white toothpaste) to the sole, including the underside.

                3. Wrap the soles with cling film. Let the shoes air dry, bottom side up.

                4. Repeat as necessary.

                  Machine wash: to do or not to do?

                  Nike generally advises against machine washing shoes. Soaking shoes exposes them to a lot of moisture and can damage your washer or dryer. It's a lose-lose situation.

                  Hand washing and air drying are certainly best practices, but if you don't feel comfortable cleaning your sneakers thoroughly from the inside out, you can throw your white sneakers in the washing machine. To see how:

                  1. Pre-treat your shoes with amild cleaning solution.

                  2. Put shoelaces and shoes in separate laundry bags.

                  3. Wash the shoes alone, if possible with white towels so they don't stick too much.

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                  4. Use a mild liquid detergent cleaner, then do a cold wash on a gentle cycle.

                  5. Air dry your shoes and keep them out of direct sunlight.

                    This will prevent your performance shoes from falling apart sooner.

                    Learning how to clean white shoes is part of extending the life of your sneakers. Unfortunately, Nikes, even if they're made of leather, only last about 10 years on average.

                    Sneaker fans and long-term shoe collectors take extra precautions to keep Nikes away from heat, humidity, and sunlight to keep prized sneakers looking their best.

                    No matter how well you take care of Nikes, their soles will eventually wear out because they are made of PUV material that breaks down over time. Tennis fans give a deep clean, change pairs, and wrap the shoes in plastic wrap to slow down the process.

                    If you want to maximize Nike's best years, you need to keep excess moisture out of your shoes:

                    - Minimize water consumption when cleaning shoes; Clean/dry the foam with a microfiber cloth

                    - Store correctly: pasteZapateroand store your shoes in breathable bags
                    Remove the shoebox paper that comes with the box and put silica gel bags (4 small ones are enough) to prevent moisture. All these precautions delay the oxidation or yellowing of your soles.

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                    - Alternate with several pairs of shoes to prevent dirt from collecting on your clubs

                    - Wear socks so your insoles don't absorb as much bacterial sweat

                    Even if you don't plan on starting a worthwhile shoe collection as a tennis fan, learning how to clean your white Nike shoes is part of the fun of athletic shoes.

                    They are performance shoes that help you run, play and work without missing a beat; they can also make your job easier so you can enjoy it longer.


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