Eminem • ONLY RHYMIN WIT TEST FT. TRIAL • Free audio playback (2023)

Should we shut up or talk... I'll cut your ass off and walk away.
I'm running around showing my ass all over the damn town

.... So you are done with chalk

Are we ready... are we ready... are we ready... are we ready?
Ready to hold on to it... Speaking of holding on to it
You can hold my balls and then
I can stab your cock like a machete... If you're a girl
If you're a girl, then you're my world... And I'll kill everyone
That means... you, she or he
It doesn't matter because I'm Eminem
And I'm skinny... I'm skinny too and your future is capricho

(Video) No Regrets (feat. Don Toliver) [Official Audio]

haha....don't stop
D-12 people... yes, we got it from above
We get up that ass Prep-H style
Hit more boots than that H-Town crew (Booo!)
Everyone's trying to tell us to wait now
You look damn stupid... Like Puffy in his video about that breakdown (hahaha)
tries to dance
How the heck does the hand lock feel now?
Separate your style. Share and community
Part ish...when my car drives past it
And what about the strange boy?
Targets are hit and lifted off
Here we take off
Shots licking...no time...we're getting cock snot

Speaking of taking off
I explode... your ass is soft... so I start masturbating
Because I'm so hot... and your lyrics are so cheesy
That they bored me and I woke up very late this morning
Or too soon... wait a minute, Shirley is leaving
The girl I fucked last year when she had curly hair
I couldn't remember why I was infinite
And I met Ken Kaniff in Connecticut
He said his predicates and pronouns and wanted to fall
And he said "I like you"... and then he reached out and said "let me bite you"
And I said no... I kicked it with my big toe
He nudged... Ayo Proof... let's go

I is the D for the 1 - 2
What do you want to do
Your breastplate... obliterate
Eat your meat... easy to do... Here it is
Freestyle...no need to write shit...because when we write shit
Everyone likes to buy shit...that's why the streetlights come on when we're writing stuff
It's about time we became champions here... it's D-12
1-2 Royal Crew...Slim Shady and great proof
Tear down igloos in Alaska if we blow you up
A master butcher, once per die
Darker than Vader...see someone as hot as Ecuador
It's time to sink for those who don't know us
Girls wanna suck us like Monica... Lewinsky
come against me
See I'm an invincible MC
If you don't believe, then try to convince me
That you're more drugged than me... what are we waiting for
You would hope to be... but I hope to rock the world
And across the country... that's why my butt is big
That's why your ass just died on the passenger side
Like a damn ride... when you get shot by a drive-by
When I drove 5 times and made 5 attempts
and still missing
I've got a fucking insanity, a gentle calm
Violence...complete silence is what I need in the room while freestyle.
What I have to do is smoke weed and make beer
And...... smoke infusion? You don't smoke beer
If you do that I will choke you and then I guarantee I will smoke you
Your crew is a joke too and I can stick my dick in a bitch and shove you

Stick it in there...rock my dick in rock heaven
Take the eye out of the sock... (sock)
Get...(get) yeah we came to rock...(it)
So stay out of the way 'cause we're gonna fall... (Shit)
Well how do you feel now? We got you...op...(tic)...(tac)
We're crazy about buses and we don't stop, we come to rock
The dirty dozen doesn't stop
Up, from the treetops to the Ewoks popping Reeboks
And men with preoperative
I now have 3-pac
Master P.... Thug Life and now it's 2pac
Go back to it...here's the rhyme you dropped
The rhyme I left is on IHOP
In high peaks and walking like a one-eyed cyclops
And you can't see me... I only have one eye and I can still see you
You can even make a silly try... If you are a silly guy then try here.
But I rock the mic with my ease
So take off your foot...take off your tail...when I swing to the sky...to the sky

Ayo... a lot of people are always trying to tell us... we're going to get better or we're going to fail
But I or I skinny you can't tell me
Try freestyle son let's put these verses on your LP
Just with the old stuff... I heard most of you guys are Mos Def

(Video) Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

My LP... my whole LP... the last one screamed help me
You couldn't melt me ​​if you were Vanilla Ice... Guess what
¡¡Mi Nuuuuuutz!!
Here I go with the lyrical wonder...spiritually spiritual...even if you don't want to hear it
I move the rickety microphone
Don't do it, don't do it 'cause that shit is dumb... I knew it.
I take a beat and loop it... I take a beat and loop it
What the hell does that mean? I don't know, but I wear fat jeans.
And I've already said that, but I don't know where my head is
I just want to go back to the hotel and find out where my bed is.

Where are the beds so we can relax and be quiet?
You don't want a dirty Deez
Del 3-1 is for the three thirds
A third of the MC, we smoke it like weed
Under the sidewalk early in the morning at sunrise
It separates you... reconciles you... recreates you
Sometimes you see... you're just a fag
No need to tag him... with more swag than Jimmy Swagart

Fagot... oh oh... was that homophobic...?
But no one knows... and I'm so homophobic
I won't even throw clothes in the closet.
fuck it...i lost it...i'm holocaust...look at my face it's written all over it
This beer makes me want to leave this year
I'm so high I'm about to die... and I'm so tired I'm about to fry
You're so fired you're down

Hey... it's me... it's the hamster man
I'm from Amsterdam
And I'm here to let you all in on a little secret
So you can... eat it... you gotta get your cookies.

Stop spitting your paperwork, bitch, I'll kill you and kick you
On your fucking cock and clit...your pussy
Hermaphrodite without appetite
And you don't rap well, but you took quick bites
My cock, while you're at it... my brain is obsessed
I walk into a place wearing a t-shirt with my stains on it
But I don't give a shit... I don't give a shit... I don't give a shit... I don't give a shit
take piss, take a cock, lick

(Video) Eminem's Freestyle That Got Him Signed!! Dr Dre Was Listening

Yes ... live and drive are we
you better back off

You'd better back off before I masturbate.
Get out before I masturbate

You better hold back before he masturbates (laughs)
You'd better back off before I masturbate.

Colder than Jack Frost... smack you in the face
while I keep masturbating
Sit in the closet and pop my shit
Got nothing else to do 'cause I'm thinking about a bitch
Wait a minute... oh shit, she's here
Look who came through the door...come in, it's Britney Spears!!!!
(Ken Kaniff)
Oh... come here girl
come here girl

What happened? (I do not know)
We stop clapping (Oh, it's clapping)
Applause... and all I need is a napkin to wipe up the cum
When I go out with the battery off
Whatever that means... but I can still speak with an accent.
a French accent
Excuse my French, though
Chupe meu pau touch the the poo... äh... cadela

(Video) Eminem & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E - 911 (feat. B Real) [Music Video]

Bonjour... I'm here with the cure... Oh yeah, let's open the drawer
Hey Em... how do you do that? I... Jock Em... get out of my way.
damn cock

Hey, while you're saying verbs... you're not even saying words
(THuuuG) Say your words right... and you'll be able to walk the sidewalks
And shake your herbs vigorously
What the hell? (Something's in the rhythm that keeps talking)
You take one more punch before you pee

are we done or what? They want us to freestyle for 45 minutes—

Hello... Hello... My name is... My name is... My name is
Slim Shady... Slim Shady... Bitch, you're short like that Lady Kim
And I'm on Sky Rock Radio... radio's darker brother
but you don't listen to me


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