Businesses owned by Latter-day Saints and the Church (2023)

Latter-day Saints are known to have influential corporations in the United States, and this led us to look for other large corporations owned by a member of the Church or by the Church itself. So here is a list, in no particular order, of the major corporations that belong to Latter-day Saints and the Church.

JetBlue Airlines

Mormon David Neeleman founded JetBlue in 1999, though it was called "NewAir" at the time. He is no longer the CEO of the company, but in the almost ten years that he was at the helm of the company,He was known to sit in the last row of his company's planes.that they had seats that did not recline during the trip to show that serving the customer was more important than serving the CEO. In 2008 he founded a new Brazilian airline called Azul.

Black & Decker Corporation

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Mormon Nolan D. Archibald is a prominent businessman who has served as the Chairman and CEO of Black & Decker. When he became president and CEO in 1986, he was the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company at 42 years old. He and his wife Margaret have seven sons and one daughter. All of his sons are Eagle Scouts and have served LDS missions.

SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines was founded when Mormon Ralph Atkin, a lawyer from St. George, Utah, bought Dixie Airlines in 1972. It was originally intended to fly businessmen from St. Louis to New York. George to Salt Lake City, and after some difficulties, the company expanded throughout the western United States. Today it has a fleet of 341 aircraft that fly to 189 destinations.

Marriott Hotels International, Inc.

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Marriott International was founded by Mormon J. Willard Marriott and is now managed by his son, Bill Marriott. The hotel company owns more than 4,000 hotels in more than 80 countries and territories. Every Marriott hotel room comes with a Bible and a copy of the Book of Mormon, and in 2011 the company announced that it would no longer offer pornography as entertainment in new hotel rooms.

Creek Town Center

One of the most expensive malls in the United States, City Creek Center, is owned by The Church. In March of this year, the LDS Church opened a mega-mall across from its Gothic Revival temple in Salt Lake City. The mall, which features a retractable glass roof and fountains spewing choreographed explosions of water and fire, is estimated to cost about $2 billion.

Deseret News

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ODeseret Newsis a newspaper published inSalt Lake City,Utah,USA. It is the oldest continuous daily newspaper in Utah and has the highest Sunday circulation in the state and the second-highest daily circulation behind it.Salt Lake Tribune.ONewshe listenedDeseret News Publishing Company, a subsidiary ofDeseret Management Corporation, AHoldinggesellschafthe listenedThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(LDS Church).

Polynesian Cultural Center

The LDS Church's 42-acre Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, Hawaii, offers daily luaus (except Sundays), an "island buffet," seven simulated Polynesian villages, Samoan tree-climbing classes, Tahitian javelin throwing classes, and Much more. Los boletos range from $35.95 to $228.95. According to its tax declaration for 2010, the center had a net asset value of $70 million and collected $23 million for the sale of tickets, in addition to receiving $36 million in donations or gifts.

In an article published by LDS Daily, they revealed the church's business and that the church owns and operates two different types of businesses: non-profit and for-profit. Both have different advantages depending on the intended use. In general, corporations that serve the Church or its members directly for religious or ministerial purposes are non-profit corporations. For example, Beehive Clothing (the company that makes clothing and clothing for the temple) or Deseret Industries are non-profit organizations. On the other side are the Deseret News and City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake City.profit orientedBusinesses: Both owned and operated by the Presiding Bishop's Corporation, a division of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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President Gordon B. Hinckley explained it best when he said: “We have some commercial properties that generate income, but the income from them would only keep the Church in business for a very short time. Tithing is the financial law of the Lord. There is no comparable financial law. It is a principle given with a promise made by the Lord himself for the blessing of his children. Ultimately, the only real wealth of the Church is the faith of her people."

These are some of the companies included in the list:


  • Bonneville International – media holding company
    • Bonneville Communications: Full Service Marketing Agents.
    • Broadcasting Bonneville – Radiosender
      • 97,3 FM KIRO-Radio Seattle
      • 710 AM ESPN Seattle
      • 770 hours KTTH Seattle
      • 92.3 FM KTAR Phoenix News
      • 98,7 FM Arizona Deportes Phoenix
      • 18h20 ESPN Fénix
      • 101 FM KOSI Denver
      • 98,5 VHF KTGO Denver
      • 104.3 FM KKFN Denver
      • 16:00 KEPN Denver
      • 102,7 FM y 1160 AM KSL Salt Lake City
      • 103,5 UKW KRSP Salt Lake City
      • 100,3 FM KSFI Salt Lake City
    • Bonneville Distribution: distribution to radio and television stations that broadcast the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and LDS General Conference
    • KSL 5 TV - NBC television network
    • Deseret Digital Media - Website Management Company
  • Deseret News Publishing – news publisher
  • Deseret Book Company. - Retailer and distributor of religious merchandise
    • Communication of the Covenant
    • seagull book and ribbon
    • Schattenbergpresse
    • conversation in excel
  • The Pacific Business News - Hawaii News Agency


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  • Hawaii Reserves: Hawaii's Real Estate Holding
    • Laie Water Company – provides water for all lay people
    • Laie Shopping Center - 72,000 square feet of shops and services
    • Parque Laie – Parque Laie-Hawaii
    • Laie Cemetery – Laie Cemetery
    • Hukilau Beach Park – Strandpark em Laie
    • Many other commercial and residential properties
  • Property Reserve Inc - real estate holding company
    • Utah Property Management Associates - property management company
    • Commercial Real Estate:
      • Torre Benéfica - 20-story office building
      • World Trade Center: 366,696 square foot office building
      • Deseret News Building – 9-story office building
      • Eagle Gate Plaza: 11-story parking and office building
      • Key Bank Tower – 27-story office building
      • Social Hall Plaza - 6-story office building
      • Triad Tower - 3 buildings totaling 48,502 square feet
      • Zions Bank Building - 18-story commercial building
      • 139 E South Temple – 38,192 sf office building
      • JC Penney Building – 15-story office building
      • Ensign Plaza South: 75,000 office buildings in Ogden, Utah
      • Regent Street – 47,970 square foot office building
      • Orpheum Office Plaza: 24,682 square foot office building
      • McIntyre Building – 11,065 square foot office building
      • Gateway Tower West – 19-story office building
      • 40 East 100 South: 37,089-square-foot office building
      • Deseret Book Building: 48,612-square-foot office building
    • Residential properties:
      • Brigham Apartments - Apartment buildings in downtown Salt Lake
      • Colonial Court Apartments - Apartment building in Ogden, Utah
      • Adlertor Apartments -
      • Condominios Gateway
      • City Creek Landing - Apartment building in downtown Salt Lake City
      • West Temple Apartments - 8 story apartment building in downtown Salt Lake
      • Garden Apartments - Apartment Building in Downtown Salt Lake
      • First Avenue Apartments – Wohnungen en Salt Lake City
    • mixed-use properties
          • City Creek Center - 700,000 square foot shopping mall in downtown Salt Lake
          • Lake Park Corporate Center: 260-acre mixed-use development
          • Highbury at Lake Park – Mischnutzungsentwicklung en West Valley, Utah
          • Shoal-Creek-Tal (Liberty, Misuri)
          • 1600 Vine Street Complex - Mixed Use Development en Filadelfia, Pensilvania
    • Others:
      • Temple Square Hospitality (Empresa de catering)
      • Beneficial Financial Group (insurance and financial services company)

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Is Walmart owned by Mormons? ›

Does the Mormons own Walmart? Walmart is a public corporation, it is not a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (although it is possible that the Church owns some stock in the investment portfolio).

Is Costco owned by the Mormon Church? ›

Is Costco owned by the Mormon Church? James Sinegal, the co-founder and former CEO of Costco, is Catholic. Costco is not owned by a single individual. It is a multinational corporation managed by a Board of Directors.

Is Chick-fil-A owned by a Mormon? ›

Corporate culture. S. Truett Cathy was a devout Southern Baptist; his religious beliefs had a major impact on the company. The company's official statement of corporate purpose says that the business exists "To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us.

Does the Mormon Church own Pepsi Cola? ›

The fund didn't own stock in soda makers PepsiCo or Keurig Dr Pepper, either. Caffeinated sodas are not part of the church's health code, known as the Word of Wisdom.

Does the Mormon Church own any DNA companies? ›

In 2001, Mormon billionaire James Sorenson started one of the earliest genetic test kit companies, Relative Genetics, in part due to his religious interests. It was later bought by, another Mormon company. While today, Ancestry is a publicly traded company, it uses LDS church records and the IGI.

What hotel is owned by Mormons? ›

Marriott, whose namesake founding family is active in the Mormon church, has been putting both the Bible and the Book of Mormon in its rooms since opening its first hotel in the late 1950s.

Does the Mormon Church own any hospitals? ›

The hospital was originally owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), but is now owned and operated by Intermountain Healthcare (IHC). LDS Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission. The hospital has 262 inpatient beds.
LDS Hospital
ListsHospitals in Utah
12 more rows

Can LDS drink Coke? ›

So many Mormons then will say well, we should not drink any caffeinated beverages. MARTIN: In 2012, the church released an official statement stating explicitly that caffeinated soda is allowed under church doctrine.

Do Mormons own Coca Cola? ›

No, the Mormon church does not own the Coca-cola company. Coke is a big company and, thus, too big to be owned by a single person or entity. Over 1,400 different groups and individuals own 64% of the shares of Coca-cola company.

How much property does the Mormon Church own? ›

Utah-based faith has at least 1.7M acres valued at $16B, making it the nation's fifth largest private landowner.

Does the Mormon church Own Florida? ›

The faith is now Florida's biggest landowner, controlling well above 2% of its landmass, including an enormous collection of pasturelands outside resort-rich Orlando called Deseret Ranches and a recently acquired expanse of hundreds of thousands of forested acres in the Panhandle. Click here for the full story.

Is the Mormon Church the largest landowner in the US? ›

Even this partial portfolio would make the church — with nearly 7 million members nationally and more than 16.6 million worldwide — the fifth largest private landowner in the U.S., according to The Land Report, which tracks holdings among some of the nation's wealthiest families.

Is the Mormon Church losing membership? ›

In recent years, the global faith of 16.8 million has grown by less than 1% annually and, in fact, is shrinking in a number of regions. In the United States over the past two years, for instance, 21 states saw Latter-day Saint membership decline.

What religion is the Chick-fil-A guy? ›

Truett Cathy, a devout Baptist, opened the first Chick-fil-A in Atlanta in 1967, and the chain has remained in his family's hands ever since.

What religion do you have to be to own a Chick-fil-A? ›

Chick-fil-A's owners are devout Christians and expect all of their operators to share Christian values. Operators do not need to be Christian, but must be willing to close the restaurant on Sundays, espouse Christian values and be willing to participate in group prayers during training and management meetings.

What religion are Chick-fil-A workers? ›

Although Chick-fil-a is a Christian based company they have all walks of life working for them.

Is JetBlue owned by Mormons? ›

From JetBlue to Marriott to Dell, these businesses have all been led by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. JetBlue founder David Neeleman said that his Mormon faith impacts how he does business.

Is the Marriott owned by the Mormon Church? ›

Marriott, whose namesake founding family is active in the Mormon church, has been putting both the Bible and the Book of Mormon in its rooms since opening its first hotel in the late 1950s. Like most major chains, Marriott doesn't own the majority of its hotels.

Is the Mormon Church growing or shrinking? ›

In recent years, the global faith of 16.8 million has grown by less than 1% annually and, in fact, is shrinking in a number of regions. In the United States over the past two years, for instance, 21 states saw Latter-day Saint membership decline.

Why are people leaving the LDS Church? ›

Reasons for leaving

Most ex-Mormons leave Mormonism and the LDS Church because specific intellectual or spiritual reasons have led them to a conviction that the religion is false. The foremost reasons are disbelief both in Joseph Smith as a prophet and in the Book of Mormon as a religious and historical document.

How much US land does the Mormon Church own? ›

Across America, subsidiaries of the church reportedly hold 1m acres of agricultural land. This is thought to include land in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah and Texas. Church companies are also thought to hold land outside the US, including in Canada and Brazil.

Does the LDS Church still own Intermountain Healthcare? ›

No. At one point Primary Children's Hospital was owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with a few other hospitals. It is not currently owned by the Church nor is any other hospital.

How much land does the Mormon Church own in the world? ›

This latest cache of data — captured in 2020 and released Tuesday by the Truth & Transparency Foundation (formerly known as MormonLeaks) — reveals a nearly 16,000-parcel collection of 1.7 million acres held by identified LDS Church firms.


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