Beyoncé's remix means there's a wild new defiance dance (2023)

She. He has. The.

Beyoncé's remix means there's a wild new defiance dance (1)VonJean-Philippe McKenzie

Beyoncé's remix means there's a wild new defiance dance (2)

If there is anything that can make you get up and moveduring social distancing, is a TikTok virus challenge. And escaping the latter is incredibly difficult.

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Whilethe Renegade gained its popularityim february uJ.Lo and A-Rod tried their luckin the Flip the Switch challenge earlier this month, everyone's new favoriteTik-Tok-Trendis the "wild challenge".

It's actually just a super fast and energetic dance set.rapper Megan Thee's Hengstnew single "Savage". But he recently got a jolt when the rapper released a remix featuring Houston native Beyoncé on April 29. All proceeds from the song will be donated to Bread of Life, a relief fund for the city.

But the new music also means there is a new dance to learn. If you too want to jump on the bandwagon or just want to know what the problem is, we've taken the time to explain everything you need to know here, including the lyrics to the catchy song.

Where does the #SavageChallenge come from?

We have to thank TikTok user @keke.janajah aka Keara Wilson for discovering the #SavageChallenge on the internet. Wilson, who created the dance, first released a video of his choreography on March 10. And as she quickly did her rounds on social media, she posted a clip of her dancing for five days to make it viral.

"I'll do my dance until someone famous does it! MARK ALL”@elestallionthanks guys for all the support," he saidsaid in a caption. And it looks like he got his wish because...

And within hours of remixing the bey, Wilson created an entirely new dance (a little more complicated than the previous one) with the bey.Lemonadethe singer's new verse. Get it below.

Okay, now this song is stuck in my head. What are the lyrics to "Savage"?

If you want to know exactly what the Houston rapper says during the song, you've come to the right place. The letter reads as follows:

I'm that bitch (yeah)
Was that bitch, still that bitch (Ah)
Always be that bitch (be that bitch forever)
Sim (oh, oh)
I'm the neighborhood of Mona Lisa, I'ma tear a nigga to pieces
I had to throw some cheesy niggas out my circle like a pizza (yeah)
I'm very exclusive, I don't shop in Insta boutiques
All these little outfits only fit in fake boots
Bad bitch, still talking money shit
Pussy like water, don't disturb me and I'll relax.
I'd never meet a nigga if I had one
Bitch that's my shit you the maid so you bagged it ah
I'm a savage (yeah)
Stylish, bougie, ratchet (yeah)
Naughty, moody, nasty (Hey, hey, yeah)
Play dumb, what's going on? (Wow wow)
Bitch what's up? (Wow wow)
Bitch I'm a savage, yeah
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, yes
Cheeky, moody, nasty, right?
Play dumb, what's going on?
Bitch what's up? (hey oh)
Eat me and burn but your benefit is all I show (Ah)
I keep my niggas private so their AP is all I show (Baow)
Annoying you bitches is getting really boring
If it's not about the money, you know I'll ignore it
I'm the shit, ooh (ayy)
I need a mop to wipe the floor, it's dripping, ooh (too dripping, ooh)
I keep a knot, I keep a watch, I keep a whip, ooh (I keep a whip, baow)
Let's play, Simon says I'm still that bitch, yeah (I'm still that bitch)
I'm still that bitch, yeah (Ah)
I am a savage
Stylish, bougie, ratchet (yeah)
naughty, moody, nasty (yeah)
Play dumb, what's going on? (What's up?)
Bitch what's up? (What's up?)
Bitch I'm a savage, yeah
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, yeah (B**h)
Cheeky, moody, nasty, right?
Play dumb, what's going on? (What's up?)
Bitch what's up?
Bitch I'm on fire like a match, ooh
And every nigga that hit it still on, ooh
That body is right, but you know that pussy fat, ooh
I'm sending a pic, now these motherfuckers are feeling offended, ayy
Don't let that nigga poison and hit you, ooh
I make a call and get hit by a nigga, huh
These bastards stop talking, where are you? Oh
I'm on a lam', bitch, catch me if you can, ooh
I kick assholes they see, Stalli 'Chan, yeah (Oh yeah)
Niggas say I like sugar but it ain't sweet at all (Ah)
sim, sim, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, mwah

And the lyrics to the Beyoncé remix verses?

Beyoncé's remix means there's a wild new defiance dance (5)You can find the full post on Youtube

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Here's the song with lyrics from Queen Bey that Twitter completely missed:

Queen B, don't wanna smoke with me (Okay)
Got spun, that motherfucker went eight hundred degrees (Yeah)
My whole crew eat, cook kiss, she delicious (Mwah)
Ooh, she's so candle, candle, bon appetit
[Verso 1: Megan Thee Stallion, Beyoncé eBoth]
I'm a savage (yeah), bad attitude (yeah, ah)
Talk a lot but my bank account fits (Ooh)
Hood but I'm fancy, rich but I'm ratchet (Oh ah)
Haters kept my name in their mouths, now they choke (Ah, ah)
spark plugHe says, "The way she move it's a movie" (Ooh-oh)
Told the boy, "We gotta keep it quiet, leave me the room key" (Ooh-oh)
I bled the block and now it's hot bitch I'm tunechi (ooh-oh)
A mood and I'm in a bad mood, ah
[Chorus: Megan Thee Hengst & Beyoncé]
I'm a savage, yeah (okay)
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, yeah (alright)
Naughty, moody, nasty, yeah (Hey, hey, nasty)
Play dumb, what's going on? (Woah, woah, woah, what's up?)
Bitch what's up? (Woah, woah, alright)
Bitch I'm a savage, yeah (okay)
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, yeah (bitch)
Naughty, moody, nasty, huh (nasty)
Play dumb, what's going on? (Woah, oh-oh)
Bitch what's up? (Yeah, ah, ooh-oh)
[Volta 2: Beyoncé]
Hips tick when I dance (dance)
In this demon time, she can create an OnlyFans (OnlyFans).
Big B and that B represent bands
If you want to see a real ass babe, this is your chance
I say left cheek, right cheek, let go and then swing (Swang)
Texas on that thing, get on that game (Game)
IVY PARK in my color (Marco), gang, gang, gang, gang (gang)
If you don't jump in jeans baby you don't feel my pain (oh look)
Please don't turn me on (I'm overreacting), write my name in ice (Ice, ice, ice)
I can't argue with these lazy bitches, I'm just raising my price
I'm a boss, I'm a leader, pull up in my two-seater
And my momma was a savage, nigga, she got that shit from Tina
[Chorus: Megan Thee Hengst, Beyoncé &Both]
I'm a savage, yes
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, yeah (ratchet, yeah)
Naughty, moody, nasty, yeah (okay)
Play dumb, what's going on? (Oh)
Bitch what's up? (Oh what's going on?)
Bitch I'm a savage, yeah
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, yeah (Woah, woah, woah, alright)
Naughty, moody, nasty, huh (Ooh, ooh, alright)
Play dumb, what's going on? (wow, oh)
Bitch what's up? (Hey, ah, ah)
[Verso 3: Megan Thee Stallion, Beyoncé eBoth]
Like Beyoncé, like me (like me)
Want a bitch like the stallion with her knees (with her knees)
He said, "Damn, how do you move in those jeans?" (Yeah, yeah, those jeans)
Ayy, even D4L couldn't do it like me, like me
Oh oh oh
But I have this body ready just for you
Girl, I hope you don't catch me making out with you
Talk to myself in the mirror like, "Bitch, my love"
i am the shitOh
I need a mop to clean the floor, yestoo much dripping, ooh
I hold a knot, I wake, Ikeep a whip, ooh(Mantenlo really, ooh)
Let's play a game, says Simonstill that bitch, ayy
I'm still that bitch, yuh (Ah)
[Chorus: Megan Thee Hengst, Beyoncé &Both]
I'm a savage, yeah (okay)
Stylish, bougie, ratchet (okay)
Cheeky, moody, nasty, yes
Play dumb, what's going on? (Oh)
Bitch what's up? (Oh what's going on?)
Bitch I'm a savage, yuh (okay)
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, yeah (Woah, woah, woah, alright)
cheeky, moody,disgusting, uh (Ooh, ooh)
Play dumb, what's going on? (Oh oh oh)
Bitch what's up? (Hey, ah, ah)
1, 'u-xx_large_top_margin': $height > 0}" style="box-sizing: border-box; mostrar: bloquear;">
[Verso 4: Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion]
I heard they asked for the queen, they brought some cameras over here
I'm a bad bitch, she's a savage, there's no comparison
I flip my hair back and look back as I roll in the mirror
All that money in the room, think of some hustlers in here
I go straight to the third, whip the whip like I rock (mess)
Wood grain, we dodge and keep your mind on those curves (Uh)
Coupe fly like a bird (Bird), cold on 'em like "Brrr" (Icy)
I always stick to my words, no, I don't do crosswords
Stud when I go he like hot girls with his hips, ah (Skrrt, skrrt)
I jumped that shit like I jumped and slid, ah (Skrrt, skrrt)
I pop my shit, now watch me again, ah (Woah)
I wipe the floor, now watch me sweep these women 'cause I - (Ah)
[Chorus: Megan Thee Hengst, Beyoncé &Both]
I'm a savage, yeah (wild, alright)
Stylish, bougie, ratchet, and yes)
cheeky, moody, nasty, yes (unpleasant)
Play dumb, what's going on?(What's up?)
Female dog,What's wrong?(Oh what's going on?)
Female dog,I am a savage, yes (okay, I'm a savage)
Classy, ​​bougie, ratchet, yeah (Woah, woah, woah, alright, bitch)
cheeky, moody,disgusting, uh (yes, yes, evil)
Play dumb (Woah), what's up? (What's up?)
Bitch what's up? (Hey, oh, what's up?)
[Salida: Beyonce]
I am a savage
It's the stud and the B
H-Stadt, Going down

How can I learn choreography?

If you're quarantined, incredibly bored and want to jump on the #SavageChallenge train real quick, you can definitely learn this dance. Wilson released a slower-paced version of his original choreography along with cool footage to help anyone learn the moves.

Happy prom everyone!

Megan Thee Stallion definitely agrees.

On March 16, the rapper posted her own version of the #SavageChallenge to her Instagram with the caption, "Take #552 😂😂😂😂#wildchallenge #self-quarantine."

The "Suga" artist continued to show her support for the viral movement, posting a handful of videos of celebrities performing the moves on her account. There wasimpostor's Keke Palmer, who fits into a few change of clothes.

Marsai Martin von Black-ish eKleinalso participated.

(Video) Nicole Scherzinger - Right There ft. 50 Cent

Singers Normani and Ryan Destiny approached the moves together:

And there is even a modelHailey Baldwin with her pop star husband Justin Bieber, crawling in the background.

But the best? Janet Jackson, who reposted a fan-made video that offers a twist on the #SavageChallenge by bringing together iconic moments from the star's career. (Kerry Washington took a similar approachdays before.)

“Yallll I scream Janet Jackson posted#wildchallengeLove you," Megan Thee Stallion wrote in a caption...because what else is there to say?

Beyoncé's remix means there's a wild new defiance dance (12)You can find the full post on Instagram

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Who did Beyoncé mention in the Queens remix? ›

Beyoncé loves her some Toni Braxton. Four years after dressing up as “Phoni Braxton” for Halloween, Beyoncé shouted out the R&B legend on the “Queens Remix.” Braxton has earned a pair of leaders on the Hot 100 and six top 10 titles on the Billboard 200.

Who are the queens mentioned in Break My Soul remix? ›

Kelly Rowland, left, and Lizzo, right, are two of the the “queens” listed on Beyoncé and Madonna's “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix).”

What songs did Beyoncé remake? ›

Covers by Beyoncé
TitlePerformerOriginally by
The Closer I Get to YouLuther Vandross & Beyoncé KnowlesRoberta Flack and Donny Hathaway
The Star Spangled BannerBeyoncé(unknown), George J. Gaskin
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26 more rows

Did Beyoncé mention Nicki Minaj in her song? ›

Beyoncé mentions Nicki Minaj and others on her “BREAK MY SOUL (Queens Remix)” with Madonna. Idu what she said? My brand!

Who wrote Beyoncé Savage remix? ›

The song was written by the artist with Bobby Sessions, Akeasha Boodie, and producer J. White Did It. It went viral on video-sharing app TikTok, with people performing the "Savage" dance challenge during the song's chorus.
Beyoncé remix.
"Savage Remix"
Label1501 Certified 300
17 more rows

Who was the woman shocked to see Beyoncé? ›

Susan Monaghan, the woman who was snapped staring in open-mouthed shock at Beyonce, 36, and Jay-Z, 48, when they passed her in a hotel corridor in New York. has given an interview.

What word is in Beyoncé's new song? ›

On the upbeat number, Beyoncé, 40, sings the lyrics: “Sp*zin' on that ass, sp*z on that ass/ Fan me quick, girl, I need my glass”, prompting disability advocates to call her out for using derogatory language. “So @Beyonce used the word 'sp*z' in her new song Heated.

Did Jay-Z write any of Beyoncé's songs? ›

To begin, despite not having a guest verse on the album, Jay-Z has three writing credits on Renaissance: “Alien Superstar,” “Break My Soul,” and “America Has A Problem.” Jay also has writing credits on “Kitty Kat” from Beyoncé's 2006 sophomore album B'Day as well as “Baby Boy,” 'Hip Hop Star” and “Yes” from her 2003 ...

Which singer is known as the Queen of Soul? ›

The National Museum of African American History and Culture mourns the passing of Aretha Franklin, the "Queen of Soul." Her voice, one of the most captivating of her generation, was unrivaled and changed the landscape of American music.

Who is the real Queen of Soul? ›

Aretha Louise Franklin (/əˈriːθə/ ə-REE-thə; March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018) was an American singer, songwriter and pianist. Referred to as the "Queen of Soul", she has twice been placed ninth in Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time".

Who is the current Queen of Soul? ›

At 70, Aretha Franklin is indisputably one of the ten most revered living musicians today.

Who is the reggae singer with Beyoncé? ›

"Baby Boy" is a song by American singer Beyoncé featuring Jamaican dancehall rapper Sean Paul from Beyoncé's debut solo studio album, Dangerously in Love (2003), and off Paul's second album, Dutty Rock (2002). Both artists co-wrote the song with Robert Waller, Jay-Z, and Scott Storch, who produced it with Beyoncé.

What celebrities are in Break My Soul? ›

The verse continues with mentions of Lauryn Hill, Roberta Flack, Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson, Tierra Whack, Missy Elliott, Diana Ross, Grace Jones, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Helen Folasade Adu, Jill Scott, Michelle Williams, Chlöe and Halle, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

What singer did Beyoncé portray in a movie? ›

Etta James

Who did Beyoncé sing with originally? ›

Beyoncé achieved fame in the late 1990s as the lead singer of the R&B group Destiny's Child and then launched a hugely successful solo career. Her hit solo albums included Dangerously in Love (2003), B'Day (2006), I Am…Sasha Fierce (2008), 4 (2011), Beyoncé (2013), and Lemonade (2016).


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