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What can you do to save the rainforest? Happens quite a lot, even if you don't live nearby! We support what we consume with time and money and give our voice far-reaching impact.

1. Eliminate deforestation from your diet

Much of the food we eat is grown on land that has been cleared for pasture and agriculture. For example,bovine meat,Military, miPalm oilare the main drivers of deforestation in the Amazon basin. Fortunately, we can limit our contribution to these destructive industries and reduce the demand for these products. Choosing sustainably produced foods and products is forcing companies to change their practices. considerReduce meat consumption, or buy meat from local farms. you do not needstop eating meatat the same time, and with more and more people cutting back on meat today, moremeatless selection They are common!According to a study, annual greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 1% if everyone in the US cut meat consumption by just one quarter.

2. Buy products from responsible sources

Choosing products that are responsibly sourced or made from recycled materials can go a long way toward reducing deforestation in the tropics. For example, if you are looking for jewelry brands that useecological practices– how to recycle the gold in your pieces – help repel gold mining in the Amazon, aMain cause of deforestation and pollution of rivers there.Likewise, the logging of endangered woods such as mahogany, rosewood and ebony is causing the destruction of the tropical forest. Look foralternative, non-tropical hardwood.Use paper products made from recycled pulp or choose products certified by organizations such asforest management council. Look for Valentine's Day and Mother's Daysustainable and locally sourcedCut flowers. You can also refrain from buying products from companies that bad performance in terms of removing deforestation from their supply chains. And let companies know when they lose their support: If you think a company's business practices are harmful to the environment, send a letter expressing your concern.


3. Choose products that give back

It is better to buy less. But when shopping, choose companies that donate directly to environmental causes.theadora- which offers a line of skin care products - has partnered with the Rainforest Foundation US to protect over 500 square miles of rainforest habitat for endangered species and plant over a million trees in one area sacred to the wapicchan. There are hundreds of companies that specialize in a variety of products that contribute to the environment.certified B corporationshe selected some of the best, from food and beverages to paper products and cleaning supplies. Encourage your office or school to do the same by simply switching to a product that gives you back! And if you are an entrepreneur interested in working with us and making a difference,Contact Us!

4. Support for Indigenous Communities

Indigenous peoples are the best defenders of their territories andscience confirms it. Purchase of handicrafts and feria Indigenous products are an effective way to protect rainforests, but know who to buy from to ensure you're not accidentally supporting the companies that benefit.cultural appropriation.Consult the labor practices of these companies and their position on the rights of indigenous peoples. It is better to buy direct indian owned business the services liketen thousand towns,that sells ethically made products sourced from low-income and indigenous communities around the world. And the next time you travel, consider visiting ecotourism communities. Ecotourism gives you the opportunity to experience other cultures and for the duration of the tour. owned and operated by indigenous peoples,directly supports your livelihood. learn more about historical extinction of indigenous peoples better support these communities and make informed decisions that help empower indigenous peoples.

5. Reduce your carbon footprint

Containing the climate crisis requires action at all levels of society to reduce carbon emissions and promote low carbon development. Even if the task seems overwhelming,there are many thingsYou, as an individual, can do to reduce your carbon footprint: Drive less, use public transportation, turn down your thermostat (even a few degrees makes a big difference!),Avoid fast fashionand avoid unnecessary air travel. Begin withCalculate your carbon footprintand think where to minimize it. What you cannot reduce, you can mitigate by supporting projects that preserve the forest. Tropical forests are extremely efficient at storing carbon, and conserving forests is a fundamental way of doing this.tackling the climate crisis.

6. Send an email to your favorite news portal

Media helps you determine which topics are most important to your readers. By focusing on one issue or another, they drive public discourse and inspire public action. You can encourage your favorite media company to do some reporting.rainforest newsby email to the editors.Encourage your loved ones to join you in standing up for rainforests, indigenous rights and the climate crisis. When publishers know that these topics are important to their readers, they are more likely to cover them in their articles and reach a broader audience.

(Video) Rainforest Alert: Community-based solutions to rainforest destruction now scientifically proven

7. Educate yourself and others

The more people who know what is happening to the rainforests and indigenous communities they protect and depend on, the more likely they are to support the cause. learn more aboutenvironmental problemsmiNative American Stories, and tell your friends and family why this is important to you. By sharing on social media, you canspread public awarenessand lobby to hold governments and corporations accountable for deforestation. Don't underestimate the power of your voice! Nations and companies around the world aremake appointmentsto protect forests and tackle the climate crisis. Let's keep your promise. Consider sharing one of Rainforest Foundation USA's posts on social media or sharing rainforest news from other reputable outlets. don't forget to like usFacebook,follow-us notInstagram,Gore, miYouTube, miSubscribe to our newsletterfor the latest updates.

8. Become a politician

Elected officials have an important say in the use of government funds and have a duty to represent their interests. Call, email orParticipate in public meetings of their representativesto remind you that, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,Protecting rainforests and supporting land management for indigenous communities are critical solutions to climate change. Ask them to support low carbon development agendas that comply with environmental and social safeguards, including respect for the rights of indigenous peoples. Require them to prioritize trade policies that provide incentives for responsible sourcing, fair business practices, and deforestation-free supply chains.this toolmakes it easy to find and communicate with your US federal representatives and votelocal electionsis one of the best ways to make a difference!

9. Donate your time as a volunteer

Contributing your personal time and energy can make a world of difference. Think you can save an hour or two a week, or even five to ten? Rainforest Foundation US welcomes volunteers with a variety of skills and talents to support our mission. From translation to editing to video production, your commitment and time can help us advance our vision of a world where majestic rainforests will thrive forever.Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

(Video) Saving the rainforests: Simon Counsell, Rainforest Foundation UK

10. Organize a fundraiser

By starting your own campaign, you can raise awareness for rainforest conservation and climate action in your community, while also gaining significant financial support for the cause. Are you interested but don't know where to start? We've created an easy way to do this by inviting donations to Rainforest Foundation US on your birthday or other special occasion (this is where to start)! Consider hosting a benefit concert, art exhibit, poetry contest, bake sale, or 5K run through the rainforest. The ideas are endless on how you can make a difference!Your friends and family will feel good about supporting you and the cause you care about.

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